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Baby sea turtle

Your Impact

Baby orangutan

Since our establishment in 2020, we have worked with over nine organisations around the world! Thanks to you, we have donated hundreds of pounds to where it is needed the most...conserving endangered species. To learn more about who we are working with and where your money is going, click the button below.

We also donate funds to plant trees across Africa and Asia! With us, you can choose to plant trees in four different locations. Protecting our habitats is one of the best ways to conserve the species within. To do this, we have collaborated with Eden Reforestation Projects. Find out more about their community and nature driven initiatives below.

Forest canopy
Plastic pollution

As well as our international tree planting efforts, we also undertake our own work closer to home. With plastic pollution being a major threat to many species, we have taken to the coasts to clean up our beaches. Check out what we found previously, our aims for this year and how you can join us on one of our regular cleans.

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